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About Us


As society progresses and technology flourishes, mankind still struggles to answer our most important question. The Ancient Explorers are a global movement committed to uncovering the truths buried in Earth's ancient ruins, monuments and forgotten cities.

We're on a mission to understand our past, and unearth our ancient future. And we invite you to dig deep with us.

We explore significant ancient locations with the aim to spread knowledge.

We ship from our warehouse in Encinitas, California; however sometimes from our overseas locations. We take pride in our products and where we source them your patience is truly appreciated. 

Don't forget : A percentage of every order goes to support various charities and non-profits around the world…so again - THANK YOU for supporting our mission to help the world. 

We plan to build libraries and schools in areas that are in need, and to include educational grants for children who otherwise would not have access to obtain higher learning. We believe that creating a cycle of education for these children allows us to tangibly invest in the future of our world. 

Need help? Email us at! 


A percentage of every sale goes to support various charities around the world. THANK YOU for supporting our mission to help the world.